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Last updated: July 2020

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Case Study : Year End Review

Before we start our year-end review, you are advice to read our General Disclaimer at the bottom of our page carefully.

It is coming to the year end of 2013. Since the website was launched around 9 months ago, we have published many articles and uploaded materials which we believe is useful. Here is a summary of the contents that we have posted:

  1. How to getting started on investment. Here you can find procedure for Investment account opening procedures, how to read the number in trading page, etc.
  2. How to read financial terms. We have a dictionary tab where you can find common basic and important financial terms that will assist you in doing analysis and understanding the articles.
  3. Articles tab, where you can find important articles and learn from the experience of professional investor/trader so as to better equipe you to be a successful investor/trader.
  4. Case Studies. You can see how we analyse the Public Listed Company with the real stock prices and up-to-date information. The companies are listed in Bursa Malaysia and all the information we gather is from media website such as (Chinese) Nanyang, Sinchew (English) The Edge, The Star, etc. All the information that we get are exactly all the information you can also get from Internet. The only except is that we are using a so powerful Market Data Tools called BursaStation Professional & ShareInvestor WebPro to aid our analysis.

For those our followers, you might wonder is the content in our website useful? Does our method work in the real investment world? Now, let us look into it and see how our team is doing!!!

1.       Case Study March 2013: Hua Yang Berhad

We posted this case study at around end of February and the chart below is the share price for Hua Yang Berhad:

Share price for Hua Yang was double up from RM1.20 to RM2.40 and was later hit the highest at RM2.50. More than 100% return in 3 months!

2.       Case Study June 2013: Faber Group Berhad

This case study was posted at beginning of June and this is the chart:


The price was increase from RM1.615 to RM2.68, more than 60% of return in 3 months! It was later hit the highest price above RM2.80 at around the end of October.

3.       Case Study September 2013: XiDeLang Holdings Limited

We posted this case study around mid of September and here is the chart for XiDeLang:


The price was move from RM0.24 to RM0.42 in 1.5 months. 75% in 1.5 months! (This chart is taken before the corporate adjustment)

You might found that we are not taking the highest price for calculating the maximum profit. As we are not god, nobody knows exactly where the top are and where is the bottom!

You might also found that we keep using the same ratio and same method in doing case study. We never do further in depth analysis.

In the past 9 months, we have made a return of 100%, 60% and 75%!!! Which it compounded into net profit of 460%.

If your initial capital is RM10,000

  1. 100% return -> turn into RM20,000
  2. RM20,000 with 60% return -> turn into RM32,000
  3. RM32,000 with 75% return -> turn into RM56,000 -> Minus out your RM10,000 capital, you get a net profit of RM46,000 which equal to 460% return in just 9 Months!!!

Where can you invest in and gain such fantastic result? FD? Mutual Fund? Property? Gold & Silver? Or where?

While you are working to earn more money with your hard work, spending your time with online games or doing nothing, we already let our money work and earn healthy return for us.

Of cause, there are still 2 essential materials that we have not taught you:

  1. Technical analysis, and how we use it to pick stock
  2. BursaStation Professional & ShareInvestor WebPro, which is the market data tools that we use to do stock analysis and stock picking.

After learning these 2 above, and applying the same method as we have done in case studies, we believe, you could have the same returns!

Very soon we will publish articles on Technical Analysis as well as technique in using BursaStation Professional and ShareInvestor WebPro in the website.

Are you prepared to learn with us and make money like a Trading Guru?

With 2013 slowly winding down, it’s time for you to do a review for your own. What have you done for this year? What have you achieved? Let’s think about this.

If you are not satisfied with your investment return, we invite you to keep visiting our website and learn how you can better your financial in a years’ time.

-          Stay Tuned with us

By the Young Investors Team